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The story of Botanica


With a remarkable journey spanning over 11 years in the bridal industry, Ashley, the driving force behind Botanica Bridal, brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the world of weddings.

Ashley's initial foray into the bridal realm began in the picturesque city of Bath, United Kingdom, where she immersed herself in the artistry of bridal fashion in 2012. Working as both a boutique manager and bridal consultant, she developed a deep understanding of brides' dreams and aspirations, honing her ability to transform visions into reality. Her time in Bath laid the foundation for her passion for bridal.

Venturing back across the ocean to her home province of BC, Ashley found herself working in the beautiful city of West Vancouver, continuing her role as a bridal consultant, amplifying her expertise and adding an international flair to her portfolio working with gowns from the likes of Vera Wang and Claire Pettibone. These experiences exposed her to diverse bridal aesthetics and refined her ability to curate a personalized experience for each bride. She then jet set back to the UK, this time to London, where she managed a bustling bridal boutique while at the same time providing her expertise as a bridal stylist to hundreds of visitors to the shop, and expanded her role further into buying and procurement of trending styles.

In 2020, Ashley's creative spirit and entrepreneurial drive led her to launch her own bridal label, She Wore Flowers. Over the course of three enchanting collections, she showcased her distinctive talent for merging ethereal floral elements with bohemian accents, captivating the hearts of brides-to-be both domestically and internationally.


As life unfolded, Ashley embraced a new chapter alongside her husband Tim, and together, they welcomed two precious daughters into their lives. Balancing her business acumen with her role as a mother, Ashley took a brief hiatus from her label, embracing the joys of motherhood and family. Yet, the allure of the bridal world remained strong. Ashley realized that her heart beat not only for designing but for the profound human connections forged as a bridal stylist. With a renewed sense of purpose, she set her sights on a new endeavor—opening her own bridal showroom in the beautiful seaside village of Qualicum Beach, the very first in town.

Botanica Bridal was born from Ashley's desire to curate an exquisite space where brides could discover a carefully curated selection of designer labels that will span the globe. With her extensive experience and an unerring eye for detail, Ashley envisions a haven where brides embark on a journey of self-discovery, surrounded by gowns that reflect their unique stories and personalities. It is her goal to have a dress for everyone who visits. She invites you to step into the intimate showroom that is Botanica Bridal and experience the culmination of her journey—a seamless blend of her rich background in bridal fashion, and her innate ability to connect with brides on a personal level. Through this new chapter, Ashley is set to redefine the bridal experience while embracing motherhood, creating an environment for brides where they will feel welcome, comfortable, and heard.

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